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Note:  We also have courses for a Master of Arts in Teaching Middle School Mathematics degree.  To see these courses (none of which count towards a Master of Science in Mathematics or Master of Arts in Teaching Mathematics degree), please go to

Summer II 2018: (July 9 - Aug. 18, 2018)
PLEASE REGISTER ON OR BEFORE  June 27 for Summer II courses!!   If you are told before June 27 that a class is full, please e-mail to find out if we can either add another section or give you permission to be added to a "full" class.  You may register online at beginning on February 26.   If this link doesn't work, please go to and click on the "Sign In" link in the upper right.

MAT706 Theory of Numbers (3 Cr.)    TuTh  6:30-9:30 p.m.  SB306A     Sec. 21 (1022)   A. Rosenthal
Prerequisite: Permission of the Department Chairperson or Mathematics Graduate Coordinator
Suggested topics are: properties of divisibility, linear congruences; quadratic congruences; prime numbers, continued fractions; number-theoretic functions; primitive roots and quadratic residues.

MAT 747 Applied Statistical Inference (3 Cr.)
    MW  6:30-9:30 p.m.  SB306A   Sec. 21  (1023)   D. Weiner
Prerequisite: Acceptance into either the Master of Science in Mathematics, Master of Arts in Teaching Mathematics or the Master of Science in Geo- Information Science program or permission of the Mathematics Graduate Program Coordinator.
A study of probability and statistical inference. Suggested topics are: Probability, discrete and continuous probability distributions, sampling distribution theory, confidence intervals, tests of statistical hypotheses, linear regression, and a nonparametric method: the Kolmogorov-Smirnov Goodness-of-Fit Test; applications to spatial statistics. The emphasis of the course is on applications and conceptual understanding, rather than on mathematical derivations.

Fall 2018: (Sept. 5 - Dec. 20, 2018)  (tentative) 
PLEASE REGISTER ON OR BEFORE  August 27 for Fall courses!!   If you are told before August 27 that a class is full, please e-mail to find out if we can either add another section or give you permission to be added to a "full" class.  You may register online at beginning on April 9.   If this link doesn't work, please go to and click on the "Sign In" link in the upper right.

MAT704 Linear Algebra (3 Cr.)    Thurs.  7:00-9:20 p.m.  SB305B    Sec. S1  (2371)    A. Rosenthal
Prerequisite: 6 hours of Calculus and 3 hours of linear algebra comparable to our MAT 304A
Topics include modules, linear dependence, matrix algebra, linear transformations, determinants, eigenvalues, linear systems, inner products, classical groups, diagonalization, symmetric matrices, function spaces, and differential operators.

MAT 708 Introduction to Cryptography (3 Cr.)   Wed.  4:30-6:50 p.m.   SB305A  Sec. S1  (2372)   B. Travers 
Prerequisite: Mathematical maturity as demonstrated by any one of the following – at least 12 credits of undergraduate or graduate math courses, or a score of 700 or higher on the math SAT or GRE.
An introduction to cryptography – the study of methods of sending messages in disguised form, including some recent applications of number theory and group theory to public key cryptography. Topics include elementary number theory, finite fields, group theory, cryptosystems, and public key cryptography.

MAT713 Ordinary Differential Equations (3 Cr.)    Tues.  4:30-6:50 p.m   SB301   Sec. S1  (2373)   Y. Levin
Prerequisites: 9 hours of Calculus
Suggested topics are solutions of linear differential equations and systems of equations. Bessel and Legendre functions, Laplace transforms, series solutions, Sturm-Liouville theory, stability theory and singular points.

Spring 2019: (Jan. 10 - May 6, 2019)  (tentative)
MAT709 Complex Variables (3 Cr.)
   Wed.  7:00-9:20 p.m.     Sec. S1 (2952)   A. Rosenthal
Prerequisite: Real Analysis comparable to our MAT 411 or MAT 711
Complex numbers, analytic functions, derivatives and integrals of complex functions, Cauchy integral theorem and formula, Taylor and Laurent series, residues, maximum principles, conformal mapping, families of analytic functions and analytic continuation.

MAT734 Linear and Multilinear Algebra (3 Cr.)   Thurs.  4:30-6:50 p.m   Sec. S1 (2953)   A. Rosenthal
Prerequisite: Linear Algebra comparable to our MAT 414 or MAT 704
Suggested topics are: canonical forms for matrices and linear transformations, quadratic forms, principal axis theorem, tensor products, exterior and symmetric algebras.

MAT813 Partial Differential Equations and Fourier Series (3 Cr.)     Tues.  4:30-6:50 p.m.    Sec. S1 (2954)   Y. Levin
Prerequisite: Ordinary Differential Equations
Suggested topics are: wave equations, elliptic and parabolic equations; Fourier series; Sturm-Liouville theory and general Fourier expansions; eigenvalue expansions and Bessel functions.
estimation and multiple-precision arithmetic. Assignments include the coding and running of programs in the Computer Laboratory. No previous computer experience required. 

Summer I 2019: (May 20 - June 29, 2019)  (tentative)
MAT702N Research on Teaching Methods in Mathematics I (3 Cr.)  Tues.  4:30-7:30 p.m.   Sec. 01  (1208)   T. Beckett
Prerequisites: Completed course in statistics and completion of the Measurement and Evaluation standard
This course will allow the student to find and study models of accomplished researchers on the teaching of Mathematics at the secondary level. The course will examine necessary concepts in research validity; data gathering; instrumentation selection and construction; validation and reliability determinations; sampling techniques; and research designing. Further, the course will review the application of statistical models salient to designs utilized in conducting research which requires the testing of hypotheses that have been generated from problems in secondary school Mathematics. Open only to M.A.T. and M.Ed. candidates for degree credit.

MAT707 Mathematical Statistics (3 Cr.)    TuTh  6:30-9:30 p.m.  Sec. 01  (1209)  D. Weiner   
Prerequisite: 12 hours of Calculus
A calculus-based study of probability and statistics. Topics include probability models, discrete and continuous random variables and their distributions, bivariate and multivariate distributions, sampling distributions, limit theorems, point and interval estimation, theory and applications of hypothesis testing, linear regression and correlation.

MAT750 History of Mathematics (3 Cr.)  MW  4:30-7:30 p.m.     Sec. 01  (1210)   B. Travers
Prerequisite: 9 Hours of Calculus
A survey course designed to deepen the student’s knowledge of the vast literature of mathematics. Historically influential concepts will be examined for their effects on mathematics and the culture in which they evolved. Philosophical and psychological comparisons will be made between the mathematical and scientific developments in Ancient Greek times, in the Renaissance and Newtonian times, and in the 19th and 20th centuries.

Summer II 2019: (July 8 - Aug. 17, 2019)  (tentative)
MAT710 Foundations of Mathematics (3 Cr.)     MW  6:30-9:30 p.m.      Sec. 21  (1211)  D. Weiner
Suggested topics are: propositional and predicate calculi, consistency and completeness of axiom systems, Godel’s theorem, axiomatic set theory, cardinal and ordinal numbers.

MAT807 Statistical Inference (3 Cr.)    TuTh  6:30-9:30 p.m.      Sec. 21   (1212)   D. Weiner
Prerequisite: Mathematical Statistics
A continuation of MAT707. Suggested topics are multiple regression, analysis of variance, decision functions, Bayes solutions, and nonparametric methods.

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