Using Chalk and Wire at Salem State College


So What is Chalk and Wire?

Chalk and Wire is the School of Education's electronic portfolio system.  You can use the electronic portfolio to document your progress as you move through your Education program. You can even use it to prepare a portfolio as part of an application for a teaching position.

Can I See What an Employment Portfolio Looks Like?

Here is a sample employment portfolio  but you will need to enter a password to view it.  The password is:  fall08sample


I'm a Student, How Can I Learn to Use It?

(1) If you are new to Chalk and Wire, please download this PowerPoint show to access Chalk and Wire:  "Learning to Use Chalk and Wire"

(2) If you just need a 'refresher' to Chalk and Wire, please note that there is a new version of Chalk and Wire, ep3. It is very similar to the previous version but the layout is quite different. We would suggest that you download the file listed in #1 above and look it over.

(3) Once you log onto Chalk and Wire, there is additional help available on the home page:

What Happens If I Loose or Forget My Password? 

There is a link to retrieve a lost password on Chalk and Wire's start page.


I'm Still Confused and Having Problems, What Now?

Attention: Salem State College is closed for Winter Break through January 4, 2010.  CTEP Support Hours are not available during this time.  Spring Support Hours will be posted upon reopening.

If you are having difficulty using Chalk and Wire, you have a few options for assistance:

(1) Visit the CTEP (SB304) and speak with the Lab Attendant.  She or he can help with many basic problems.

(2) Go to the CTEP during one of the regularly scheduled times for Chalk and Wire Assistance.  The times are posted on the door of the CTEP (SB304) and they are listed in the online CTEP Calendar.

(3) For additional assistance, you can contact the School of Education's Chalk & Wire Help Desk.


      phone:  978-542-6320 (9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. Monday through Thursday or leave a voice-mail message)

I'm a Faculty Member, How Do I Enter Assessments?

You can learn, or get a refresher, by downloading and reviewing this PowerPoint show:  "Assessor's Guide "