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I am an environmental geoscientist who uses sediment records that have accumulated at the bottom of lakes and estuaries to reconstruct past environmental conditions.  My work fits into two neat categories in this broad discipline.  First, I am active and successfully published as a paleoclimatologist.  In this work, I reconstruct climate variability at high resolution so that we can understand Earth║s climate system well enough to possibly be able to predict future changes.  The other arm of my research involves using sediment records to reconstruct pollution and human influence on natural water bodies.  This work includes metals pollution, which is commonly found in industrial areas of the North Shore, as well as eutrophication that can occur as humans overload lakes with nutrients.  I currently have students at Salem State working on projects in both of these subdisciplines.


I have been a member of the faculty in the Geological Sciences Department at Salem State University since 2006.  I earned my PhD at the University of Rhode Island's Graduate School of Oceanography and my BS from Bates College.  I am currently involved in geologic research on Massachusetts║ North Shore, Maine, Rhode Island, Ontario, the Midwest, Iceland, and Chesapeake Bay.  Students from Salem State are involved in most of these projects, and I am always looking for additional students to join our lakes research group.  This summer I am teaching Field Geology and am involved in research in New England and Iceland.


Salem State College Geological Sciences Department

University of Rhode Island's Graduate School of Oceanography


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