Professor of Public Health Nursing
Adult Nurse Practitioner
Salem State College


U.S. Committee for Scientific Cooperation with Vietnam, in collaboration with the World Health Organization and the Vietnamese Nurses Association.

Co-director of one month teaching project for South Vietnamese nursing teachers held in Nha Trang, Vietnam.

1998 - Tour of Hospitals: Surveyed 12 hospitals from Ho Chi Minh City to Nha Trang. (see below)

1999 - Formed Salem State College delegation to attend National Vietnamese Nursing Conference in Hanoi during August, 1999.

Nursing in Vietnam

ITHELPS: International Health Education and Learning Program for Students.

Director and founder of two-week health education projects in El Suburbio, Ecuador, South America.

The primary purpose of these trips was to provide badly needed health education to the 500,000 inhabitants of a slum just outside Guayaquil, Ecuador.

Our second objective was to conduct research on possible health interventions relevent to this population and create media which could better enable outside health care providers to assist them.


1. To Sensitize students to culture through direct experience in another country.

2. To expose students to entirely different systems, such as health care, government, economic, etc.

3. To provide a much needed health education program to the impoverished of the underdeveloped world.

4. To allow students the opportunity to contrast the powerlessness of poverty between the developed and underdeveloped world.

5. To address the larger issue of racism imposed on people of color.

6. To create educational media for the purpose of aiding a target population, to train student teams, and to share the realities of the underdeveloped world with other students, universities, and the general population.

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