NUR 415 Art and Science of Nursing IX

This seven week course explores theoretical concepts of Public Health Nursing.
Martha Rogers' principles provide the framework to analyze the relationships between individual, community and environment as they impact the promotion and maintenance of optimum health. Clinical practicum includes managing and providing holistic nursing care to families through home care agencies, as well as engaging in health education/promotion within a variety of settings. (Spring and Fall) 4.5 cr.

Four lecture hours and 15 hours of clinical practice per week for one quarter.

Prerequisites: NUR 311, NUR 314, NUR 315, NUR 317, NUR 410, NUR 412, NUR 413

Co-requisites: NUR 411, NUR 414

Barbara Poremba, EdD, MPH, MS, RNCS, ANP  
Professor of Public Health Nursing
Adult Nurse Practitioner
Salem State College
Office: Harrington Bldg. 233
Telephone: (978) 542-6672
Nursing in Vietnam
Beverly White, BSN, MSN
Associate Professor of Public Health Nursing
Coordinator of Public Health Program
Salem State College
Office: Harrington Bldg. 238
Telephone: (978) 542-6614

Powerpoint Presentations:



Public Health

Risk Assessment

Health Education


Hospice and Respite Care

School Health

Streaming Movies:

Vietnam is used as an example of a country in which more than 3/4's of the male population smokes.

As the U.S. market share decreases, Asia with over 60% of the world's population is now being targeted by the tobacco industry. "Tobacco in the Third World" - discusses the profound impact these new markets have had on their health care systems.

(Source material from "Big Tobacco Rides East" by Robert Dreyfuss, courtesy of Mother Jones Magazine)

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