Health Care in Vietnam


Nursing in Vietnam

This section, written by Dr. Poremba visits hospitals in Saigon, Nha Trang and Hanoi.


They call her "Madame Vietnam"

In Vietnam's latest war-- the battle to improve the living standards and health of its 75 million residents- the UW's Judy Ladinsky is on the front lines.

  The Effects of Agent Orange

It is believed that Vietnam has a high rate of deformities due to dioxin, or "agent orange", an extremely toxic chemical used by the USA during the "Vietnam War".
  "Living in the Mekong"
For one special week we had the priviledge of living with Nu Vo's family in the Mekong Delta. Come experience a different way of life.

Read: Dr. Poremba's account of our journey to the Mekong!

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