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Fall 2017 Office Hours and Teaching

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Study and Travel Institute: WWII, the Holocaust and National Memory in Germany, Austria and Poland, July 5-19, 2018 Brochure Available here!

Center for Holocaust and Genocide Studies

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“We must accept a variety of histories, but we must also accept variety within our history.  It is not possible to write history without preconception.  It is possible, however to write history with layers of suggestion, so that history evokes, history conjoins, it involves.  History should provoke, not dictate meaning.  It should be a vehicle rather than a terminus."
Modris Eksteins

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Christopher E. Mauriello

Professor, History Department
Academic Coordinator, Center for Holocaust
and Genocide Studies

Ph.D., Brown University, 1995
Modern European History

Contact Information:
Office: Sullivan Building 110D
Phone: (978) 542-7129
Fax: (978) 542-7215

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