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Webmaster's and Professor's note:  Some of these sites link to other sites that may contain images and text you personally may find offensive.  It is not the professor's intent to offend, but to illustrate historical and social facts with the websites linked below, and possible sites linked beyond.  These links are all to sites related to Dr. Mauriello's coursework and interests.   Salem State College requests that you use discretion when going from these links below TO other links.   Salem State College is not responsible for content on websites outside of the domain.

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Cultural Studies (updated 1/22/99)
Postmodern Science Fiction and Cyberpunk 
The Po-Mo Page: Postmodern, Postmodernism, 
Technoculture from Frankenstein to Cyberpunk 
HAPAX: Culture 
resource center for cyberculture studies 
How the Other Half Lives 
Introduction to Habermas 
Postmodern Thought 
Cultural Studies Central 
Postmodern Thought 
Jean Baudrillard 
Communication Studies: Pop Culture 
Imagining the Future - Syllabus 
resource center for cyberculture studies 
American Studies Web 
Above & Beyond - GENDER 
"Visual Arts & Communications", Igal Koshevoy 
Border Crossing Template 
Centre for Contemporary Cultural Studies 
Thematic Overviews 
Hypertext and Hypermedia: An Overview 
Casebook: Jack the Ripper 
Shelley's Frankenstein 
VoS English Literature: Romantics 
Greatest Films 
Dr. Strangelove - Hackers of the World Unite 
Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying 
     and Love the Bomb (1964) 
National Cultural History Links 
Clockwork Orange, A (1971) 

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Welcome to the Panopticon!
The Foucault Pages at CSUN 
GIF image 253x270 pixels 
Other CS Links 
History and Theory Home Page 
Welcome to Critical Mass 
Index of /XS2CS/ 
Critical Inquiry.Volume22.Number3 
Sarah Zupko's Cultural Studies Center 
History 6 Interactive Course Guide 
IGC HomePage 
MSU American Studies Program 
ATL Department 
What is the Postmodern, Anyway? 
Public Culture Home Page 
Cultural Studies References and Links 
Tables of Contents for All Issues of Postmodern Culture 
alt.culture: Cultural Studies 
Modernism Timeline, 1890-1940 
The Modernist Explosion 
The Modernist Explosion--Student Reports 

Literary Kicks
Kroker/Weinstein: Theory of the Virtual Trash
European History Sites
The World War I Links Page
University of Toronto, HIS241F - 
Humanities: History: Modern European
Ernst Jünger and the Great War - More Material
Soviet Archives: Entrance Room
Cold War
The European Enlightenment
University of Penna. History of Art 102
The Victorian Web Overview (a very slow loading site, please be patient...)
Tyburn Tree Homepage WAR I
GI -- World War II Commemoration
The Surrealism Server
OneWorld | Media I Gallery
The History Place - World War Two in Europe Timeline
Russian Art
History 6 Interactive Course GuideAvant-Garde, Cubo-Futursm
Peter Temin: Two Views of the British Industrial Revolution
History Journals & Listservs
European Reading Room Home Page (library of congress)
Constitution of the R.S.F.S.R. (1918) 
1930: The History of the Russian Revolution -- - Ch. 4 
The Ancient World Web: Main Index 
Labyrinth Home Page 
Propaganda Posters -- World War II 
Gustav Klimt Art Gallery 

Casebook: Jack the Ripper

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World War One- Introduction
English 5352 (Habermas/Lyotard)
The Marx/Engels Internet Archive
The War Times Journal (WWs I and II, as well as many other monumental battles)
The Great War Series
The Viet Nam and the British Student Left, Antony O. Edmonds
Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy Table of Contents
Royal Commission on Historical Manuscripts Webpages
Cromohs   slow to load but worth the wait...
Welcome to Europa
Marx and Engels' Writings
General Resources - Twentieth Century
World War I - Trenches on the Web
Voice of the Shuttle: History Page
European History Sites
Madame Tussauds Information
Primary Documents: Germany
The History 400 Home Page
Surrealism: 1924-1940
EuroDocs: Western European Primary Historical Documents
A Short Inverted Bibliography of Surrealism
The Surrealism Server
This is the Surrealism Page.
German History (updated 1/22/99)
Bauhaus WEIMAR DESSAU 1919-1933 
Nazi Persecution of Homosexuals -- Bibliography 
Ernst Jünger in Cyberspace Mark iii 
German History and Politics on the Web 
H-German Homepage 
Primary Documents: Germany 



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Nazi/Weimar Cultural Reconstructions 
Nazi & Soviet Art 
The Idealization of the Female Form 
Das Volk 
Nazi cultural unification 
Nazi Radio 

German Transportation Technology Between the Wars


French History (updated 1/22/99)
The Parisian Stage During the French Revolution 
Musée du Louvre 
Discovered Images 
WebMuseum: Revolution and restoration (1740-1860): France 
WebMuseum: Impressionism 
WebMuseum: Bienvenue! (Welcome from the curator) 



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Charles Baudelaire 
Surrealism Paintings 
Special Collections - The Siege and Commune of Paris 
Modern France Page 
Le Grand Louvre 

The age of enlightenment


General History Sites
Women In World History Curriculum
World History : HyperHistory
History Links
World History Center
Links of Interest for H-WORLD Readers
Flashback Politics and Stuff
The Flashback Page
Sixties Links
General History
A-Bomb WWW Museum ~ June,1995
Hiroshima and Nagasaki
Internet Sites for World Civilization since 1500
General Education 111: World Civilizations
University of Michigan University Library

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The Avalon Project : The International Military  Tribunal
CNN Interactive Timeline: May - December, 1995
Home Page: American Memory from the Library of Congress
Library of Congress - LC Online Catalog
Library of Congress World Wide Web (LC Web) Home Page
Humanities HUB
American Museum of Natural History
Index of /Libs/PCL/portraits/
Bellingham Radio Museum Home Page
Sound of Radio Broadcasting


Holocaust (updated 3/21/99)
The Dachau Gas Chambers 
The Holocaust History Project Homepage 
United States Holocaust Memorial Museum 
Holocaust Archive Project 
Holocaust Pictures Exhibition 
Holocaust: Cybrary of the Holocaust 



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Holocaust: Cybrary of the Holocaust 
Holocaust Resources 
Holocaust Pictures Exhibition 
History -- The 20th Century - Welcome from The Mining Co. 

The History of the Holocaust from a Personal Perspective Encarta Schoolhouse
the  1960s (updated 7/12/99)
Syllabus: Berkeley and the 1960s 
HIST 176 - America in the 1960s 
Vintage Vinyl:Steal This Book 
Timothy Leary's Home Page 
Welcome to Webcorp Multimedia! 
Sixties Links 
Literary Kicks 
HONR269J, The Beat Begins: America in the 1950s 
Illuminations: Kellner 
Lorraine's Sixties Page 
William M. King--Syllabus, "The Sixties: Critical Black Views" 
HISTORY 409A--Winter 1999 
Sixties Project Home Page 
Sixties Project: Poetry Archive 
The address for the Digger Archives is Now 
Sixties Project: Special Exhibitions 
Sixties Project: Archive of Articles on the Sixties and the Viet Nam War 
Sixties Project Syllabus Collection: General Sixties Courses 

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Glory to The Cuban Revolution 
Counterculture of the Sixties 
Berkeley in the Sixties 
Sixties Project Bookstore: Reference Picks 
Sixties Art 
America in the Sixties and Seventies 
HONR269J, The Beat Begins: America in the 1950s 
The Whole World Was Watching 
Digger Archives: San Francisco 1966-68 and Beyond 
Prague Spring (1968) 
Black Feather Films.html 
Links, Sixties Teachers' Stuff, Michigan Historical Museum 

Vintage Vinyl:Steal This Book
World War I (added 1/22/99)
The Great War Society: Relevance 
EarthStation1: The Poster Prop Page - 
First World War - The Heritage of The Great War 1914 1918 
Images of WWI 
Imperial War Museum: Home Page 
The Great European and World War 
Great Tradition 
Propaganda Analysis - World War I Propaganda 
The Great War 
BBC News | World War I | The Great War: 80 years on 
1914-18 war - Art of the First World War 
1914-18 war - Art of the First World War - List of painters 
Photos of the Great War 

World War I - Trenches on the Web

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The Great War Society: Links to Other Great War Sites 
The Great War - Timeline Overview 
The Great War - Interactive Timeline 
Index of Information on the Great War 
Images of World War I 
Index of Information on the Great War 
The Modernist Explosion 
History Online - World War One 
John Bull - Recruiting Poster 
World War One Lecture Set 
World War One Posters 
Recognizing the Armenian Genocide 
Film Page 

American History  (updated 1/22/99)
Martin Luther King, Jr. Papers Project at 
     Stanford University 
Vietnam Homepage 
CounterCulture, CyberCulture & Individual Expression 

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Immigration, Ellis Island, page 1 
Ellis Island Immigration Museum 
New hompage 

The Argus Clearinghouse


History Education  (updated 1/22/99)
Animal Farm - Comparison of characters to the Russian Revolution 
Modern Era: III 
BBC News | Front Page | front page 
H-GIG: Topics and Periods 
H-GIG Twentieth Century History 
National Center for History in the Schools 
Social Studies Lesson Plans and Resources 
Links of Interest to Social Studies Educators 
World History Association 
World History 
Materials for New Teachers of World History 
Teaching History's World History Links 
World History Discussion Group Bibliography 
Teaching world history 
Teaching world history 
Surviving the Bottom Line with Hedrick Smith Web Site Home Page 
The History Ring 
Teaching material for historians 
The Massachusetts Department of Education 
Doing Research Page 3 
Encarta® Online Home 
Home @ 
OFCN's Academy Curricular Exchange - Social Studies 
WGBH Teacher Center 

Social Studies Education: National Council for the Social Studies
Choices Education Project 
School Subjects 
The Globe- Links for the Social Studies Teacher 

History -- The 20th Century - Welcome from The Mining Co.
A Bit of a Laugh!! 

civil War Information, Documents, and Archive
Teacher Talk Home Page 
Studying and Teaching History 
U.S. History 

Social Studies Sources 

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Links, Sixties Teachers' Stuff, Michigan Historical Museum 
National Curriculum Resources - History 
Standards: Table of Contents 
National Council for the Social Studies: NCSS Online 
CyberEd home page 
History/Social Studies Web Site for K-12 Teachers 
K-12 History Internet Guide 
National History Day 1998 Teachers Guide: Migration in History 
Teacher Talk Forum: Lesson Plans 
The Massachusetts Department of Education 
Learning Online: History 
Home Page: American Memory from the Library of Congress 
List of all American Memory Collection and Topics 
The History Home Page 
Overview - Secondary School History 
Internet Resources for Social Studies Education 
History/Social Studies Web Site for K-12 Teachers 
Social Studies and the World Wide Web 
Models of Teaching-The French Revolution 
High School Social Studies Supplementary Units 
The History Home Page 
New and Hot Social Studies Web Sites 
K-12 Sources - Curriculum - Lesson Plans 
PCL Map Collection 

A  Hypertext on American History from the 
    colonial period until Modern Times 
Research  (updated 1/22/99)
NOBLE Main Page 
Bodleian Library 
Index of Resources for History 
Online Resources 
WWW services for historians 
The Journal of Modern History 
Journal of British Studies 



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Tufts Catalog and Databases 
Search LOUIS, the Brandeis Libraries Catalog 
Massachusetts Library and Information Network 
Avalon Project at the Yale Law School 
Library of Congress Home Page 
THOMAS -- U.S. Congress on the Internet 
Library of Congress Exhibitions 

Polity Press - Information for Authors
Colleges & Universities
Welcome to Fordham University
The first virtual campus?
Virtual Campus: Webucation
Virtual Campus: CAS 140 Syllabus
College and University Home Pages
Brown University
Brown History Department

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Search Engines
W3 Search Engines
AltaVista Technology
Customize Your Lycos Search
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General Sites/www development
(updated 1/22/99)
The Death Clock Radio Stations: WFNX - 101.7 FM 
WFNX - 101.7 FM 
Welcome to RealMedia ! 
What's New on the Web 
ICQ Inc. - ICQ World Wide Pager 
Web Works Home Page 
The Nostalgia Factory : Table of Contents 
Reel | The Planet's Biggest Movie Store 
Kelley Blue Book - Used Car Values 
The World Wide Web: A Technology to Enhance Teaching and Learning? 
Distance Learning on the Net by Glenn Hoyle 
Music Lyrics Search 
Welcome to PC Week Online 
Boston MA Weather Forecast 
MBTA Home Page 
Infoseek: Smart Info 

Infoseek Maps
1934: Be concerned with the well-being of the masses... 
Welcome to Town Online, the Eastern Massachusetts Hometown Connection 
MECC98 Home Page 
Virtual Washington State University Webspace 


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Virtual Washington State University Webspace 
The Evolution of the University and the Information Superhighway 
Consumer World Search 
Welcome to CableCars 
Mars Pathfinder Mission - Home Page 
Newborn's Page - Index 
CPSC- Baby Safety Checklist 
Baby Net: Baby Products 



WWW Development  Related 
Free Web Art - Index
Make IT! Web Page Resources
Animated Gifs-Brian
Yahoo! Computers and Internet:Graphics:Clip Art
The Animation Station Gif89a Free animated files!
WebSling Central


Salem State Sites
Salem State College
Salem State College Library
Salem State College -- History Department
Faculty Profile: Christopher Mauriello
Faculty Site:  Avi Chomsky

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Distance Learning (added 1/22/99)
AAUP Distance Learning Report - Appendix III University of Texas Policy on Telecourses and Distance Learning Copyright Issues 
Distance Learning - Home Page 
USF Distance Learning 
Other Links 
Early Experiments in Distance Learning 



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Cornell University Office of Distance Learning 
IRI - Presentations and Demonstrations 
Open and Distance Learning Critical Success Factors 
Browsing degrees and certificates by subject 
School Listing 

News Features

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