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Pewter spoon, typical of the eighteenth century.
Artifact #1192

back of spoon

Back of spoon
Artifact #1192
                          book clasp
Book clasp, in the mannerist style of the seventeenth century.
Artifact #898

Two tined iron table fork
Artifact #1439.

The tang at the right would have fitted in to a bone or wooden handle.

                             bottle lip
Glass wine bottle lip
Artifact #224
                   pipe with TD maker mark

Clay tobacco pipe bowl fragment, with "TD" mark. Artiffact #29

"TD" became a generic mark, used by many English pipe makers in the eighteenth and ninteenth centuries.

Fragment of small iron kettle or spider
Artifact #1374


Table knife blade
silver, nineteenth century
Artifact #972.

Note engraving "CJ" at the base of the blade, on left.
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