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Lewis Bean Site Probate Records

The probate records for the Bean family provide important clues to putting together this history of the site.

Lewis Bean Sr. probate, 1677-1721
Lewis Bean Jr. probate, 1721
John Bean, probate, 1740
Jeremiah Bean probate, 1757

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The site viewed from the north, with N185-90 E230 in foreground.

Lewis Bean Sr. probate,  1677-1721

Lewis Bean Jr. Emigrated to York from England, or perhaps Scotland. He first appears in the records in 1668. On April 7, 1677, Bean and six other men were killed in an Indian attack while preparing fields on the outskirts of town for the planting of crops.This was one of the last raids of King Philip's War. The probate records of his estate span over forty years.

Lewis Bean Sr.'s Probate Inventory
York County, Maine, Registry of Deeds, Volume V, folio 21

                                           : 26: June 1677

An Inventory of the Estate of Lewis Bean Deceased, taken and apprised by us 
whose names are here underwritten/             s     p
Impres.  45 Acres of Land 20₤ foure Cows 12₤ 32 0 0
It 3 Heffers of three year ould 50s a peece 7 10 0
It too yeareling Heffers 30s, one yeareling steare 15s 2 5 0
It Too Calfes 10s, one horse 40s one ould sow 20s 3 10 0
It 5 shoats 25s 2 yarne potts 12s 2 pewter dishes 3s 2 0 0
It one Trammel 2s, 50 lb of Cotton wool at 30s 1 12 0
It 7 Gallons of Rumme 15s, one barrell of Molosses 20s 1 15 0
It 2 axes & a pitch forke 6s, a Prcell of ould yarne 12s 0 18 0
It one broad Cloath Coate 30s 1 10 0
It 7 yds of searge too peyre of stockings, 1 peyr of shooes 1 11 0
It one hat 6s, one Ladle & Skimmer 6s, a smoothing Iron 12d 0 10 0
It Table lining 26s, 2 peyre of sheetes & 2 peyre pillow bears 20s
6 0
It Necke Cloathes foure shillings a gould Ring 8s 0 12 0
It one Chest & too hows at 7s 0 7 0
   severall debts due to the Estate if recoverable 4 0 0
        62 6 0
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Letter of Administration on Lewis Bean Sr.'s Estate granted to Lewis Bean Jr.
York County, Maine, Probate Records Volume I, folio 16

County of York  -  At a Session of - 
Samuel Wheelwright Esqr. Judge of ye Probate of Wills and 
granting letters of Administration held at York May 10 1695

Administration is granted unto Lewis Bean on ye Estate of his Decd. Father Lewis Bean late of
York in ye County above sd. and that said Bean as Principle and Matthew Austin & Arthur
 Bragdon Junr. Sureties are holden & stand firmly bound and  obliged unto Samuel Wheelwright
Esqr. & his Sucessors in ye office of Judge of Probate of Wills & granting administration
within ye sd County of York in ye full Sum of one hundred pounds curt. Money of New England
that sd Lewis Bean shallAdminister on ye sd Estate according to law.

Second Probate Inventory of Lewis Bean Sr.'s Estate

York County, Maine, Probate Records Volume I, folio 19

An Inventory of ye Estate of Lewis Bane late of York in ye 

County of York Deceased lying in houses and lands & taken and

apprised by us whose names are underwritten.

Imprimis one dwelling house 20 0 0
Item 45 acres of upland lying together 1 10 0
To one gold Ring 0 10 0

22 0 0
                                               Joseph Wear  Benjamin Preble

Lewis Bane made oath that this is a true Inventory of the Estate 

of his father Bane Decd. This 4th of July 1695 before me 

Samuel Wheelwright Judge of Probate and Wills. 

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Re-Appraisal of the Lands of Lewis Bean Sr.

York County, Maine,  Probate Records Volume III, folio 68

Whereas we ye Subscribers being appointed by the Honble John Wheelwright Esqr. Judge for ye Probate of Wills etc. for ye County of York To make a Just and Equall apprismt and Valuation of ye Lands formerly Mr Mewis Bane of York Deceased and now under ye Administration of Lewis Bane Esqr. Eldest son of ye Deceased We having knowledge of Said Lands in ye time of ye apprismt. made by Joseph Ware and Benjamin Preble and proved ye 4 : July 1695 are of Opinion that now at this day ye Premises by ye Labour and Care of ye Administrator is justly and truly worth Eighty Six pounds according to ye best of our Judgments To ye truth of what is above written we have hereunto Set our hands the 10 day of May 1721

                                                                                    Joseph Banks

                                                                                    Thomas Card

                                                                                    Joseph Moulton

Final Settlement of the Estate of Lewis Bean, Sr.

York County, Maine,  Probate Records Volume III, folio 69

Whereas Lewis Bane Esqr. Adminstrator of ye Estate of his Father Mr. Lewis Bane late of York deceased having made Application unto me John Wheelwright Esqr. Judge for ye Probate of Wills etc. within ye County of York Desiring ye Said Estate may be Settled according to Law Whereas Messrs Joseph Banks Thomas Card and Joseph Moulton were Appointed and Sword to make a Just Apprisemnt of ye Land belonging to ye Deceased who made Report that they Valued ye Premises by ye Labour and Care of ye Administrator to be Justly and Truly
worth Eighty Six Pounds                                                                                                  £ 86:00:00

And is as much as ye Lands of ye Said Dece’d was formerly apprised at……                  £ 22:00:00

It is therefore Considered that ye Administrator be allowed for his Labour on
ye Premises ye sum of                                                                                                      £ 32:00:00 And ye Administrators Acct being                                                                                    £ 22:03:10
So that ye Remaining part now in ye Administrators hands amounts to                              £ 31:16:10 

And Whereas it being Represented yt the Lands Cannot be Divided without without Prejudice to or Spoiling ye whole

It is therefore Ordered that ye Said Lewis Bean Esqr. (he being ye Eldest Son of Said Deceased Shall have and Injoy ye whole of said Land Provided he pay or Cause to be piad unto Joseph Bane ye other Son of Said Dece’d ye full and Just Sum of Ten pounds twelve shillings and four pence in currant money of New England with ye Lawful Intrest that Shall arise thereon at or before the tenth day of May which will be in ye year of our Lord one Thousand Seven Hundred and twenty two, Dated at York aforesd ye tenth of May Anno Domini 1721
                                                                                                               John Wheelwright
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Lewis Bean Jr. probate, 1721

Born on April 28, 1671, Lewis Jr. was the oldest son of the family. He survived the 1692 Candlemas Raid, that saw other family members  killed and taken captive. A captain of the militia, justice of the peace, and coroner for York County, Lewis rose to become one of the leading citizens of York,  before his death at age 50 in 1721.

Last Will and Testament of Lewis Bean Jr.
Note- the document is undated, but it was filed in York County Court on July 21, 1721

York County, Maine,  Probate Records Volume III, folio 75
See a published version in William Sargent, Maine Wills, 1640-1760 (Portland: Brown, Thurston and Co., 1887), 226-28.

In the Name of God Amen. I Lewis Bane of York in ye County of York, in ye Province of Main, in New: England, being Sick of Body, but of Sound understanding and memory; Do make this my Last Will & Testament.

First and above all. I would Commit my Spirit into ye hands of God that gave it, as a faithfull Creator and Merci­full Father, as also into ye hands of Christ, as an alsufficient and most Gracious Redeemer. Desiring to trust in his Righteousness, even in his only for Justification. In y' next place I Commit my budy to ye Earth, Decently, to be buried, in hopes of a Glorious Resurrection. And as to that Worldly Estate which God has Graciously given me, I Dispose of it as followeth.

Imprs I give and bequeath unto my faithfull Loving and Ten­der Wife my Dwelling house and barn and ye one half of all my Movebles which Movables what my Said Wife does not spend in her lifetime to be given, among her Children at her Discretion at her Decease. and my Said Wife Shall have her thirds of ye rest of my Estate and half the Lower Pas­ture during her Natural life.

Itm I give and bequeath unto my Eldest Son Jonathan all the Land which I bought of Mr Gooch (Excepting the Land on which my barne Standeth & four roods the N E. and as many Roods to ye SE. of Sd barn and So that full bredth. SW. down to ye high way)  I do also give unto my Said Son Jonathan the one half of my Lower pasture, and ye whole of Said pasture at his Mothers Decease. And I do further give unto my Said Son a Third part of all my fresh meadows, that lie up in ye Woods.            .

Itm I give and bequeath to my Son Lewis all my Lands at the place in this Town Called Scituate which I bought of Arthur Bragdon & Dodavah and Job Curtis, Together with ye whole of ye fresh meadow that I bought with ye Said Lands at Scituate. I do also give unto my Said Second Son Lewis one third part of my fresh meadows abovesd Lying in the Woods.

Itm I give unto my third Son John That forty acres of Land which was my fathers on which my now Dwelling house Standeth taking in ye Reserve or Exception mentioned in my Gift to Jonathan as above Expressed. as also my Dwell­ing House and barn at his mothers Decease as also one third part of ye meadows Lying up in ye woods above mentioned. He ye Said John paying to his youngest brother Ebenezar Twenty and five pounds money.

Item My Youngest Son Ebenezar Shall be well brought up out of ye Estate till he Shall come to be of ye age of twenty & one years, and then besides ye twenty and five pounds to be paid him by his Brother John he Shall be paid by my Executors out of my Estate Eighty pounds money as also one Cow and ten Sheep.

Itm I give unto my Eldest Daughter Mary Sayword twenty pounds to be paid by my Executors out of my Estate within one Year after my Decease.

Itm I give and bequeath unto my Second Daughter Eli­nor forty pounds to be paid out of my Estate by my Execu­tors within two years after my Decease.

Itm I give and bequeath unto my youngest Daughter Mehetabel Forty pounds. as also one Cow and ten Sheep to be paid to her Mother. & put into her Mothers hands within one year after my Decease.
Itm As to ye rest of my Land and other Estate that I have not Disposed of, I leave it in ye hands of my Executors to pay my Just Debts & Funeral Charges & if anything Shall remain it Shall be Equally Divided among all my Chil­dren: But if Said Land & Estate Shall not be Sufficient what is wanting Shall be paid by my Children in an Equall proportion to what they do by this my Will and Testament receive.

Finally. I do make Constitute & appoint my beloved Wife and Eldest Son to be ye Sole Executors of this my Last Will & Testamt                         '                       

Lewis Bane (seal)

Signed Sealed Published Pronounced & Declared by Lewis Bane first
within mentioned to be his Last Will & Testamt In presence of us
John Sedgley
Job Banks
Joseph Moodey
Note ye word (her) between ye 16th & 17th lines in ye first page, as also ye words (as also) between ye 37th & 38th lines in ye Same page and ye word (be) between ye 3d & 4th line in ye 2d page ware all written before ye Signing sealing or Pronouncing of ye above written Testamt.

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Probate Inventory of Lewis Bean, Jr.
York County, Maine, Probate Records Volume III, folio 75

York October 2, 1721

An inventory of ye Estate of Lewis Bean Esqr. Late of Said York Deceased. 
Both Real & personal Taken and Apprised by us ye Subscribers by order
of ye Judge of Probate & of the County of York

            s     p
Impres. His Wareing Cloths 20 0 0
His Dwelling House & Barn 190 0 0
His orchard & about two Hundred Acres of Land

belonging to ye homestead upon ye North East Side of ye

Highway at ₤650  650 0 0
To ten acres upon ye Lower Side of said way 40 0 0
Seventy Acres at a place in sd York called Scituate 

plains with ye meadow etc. 117 0 0
To ten acres of Meadow upon ye Northwest side

of Agamenticus Hills 5 0 0
Ten acres of Meadow upon ye SE side of Sd Hills 8 0 0
Ten or Eleven acres of Meadow at ye head of a

Lott of meadow formerly given by ye Town of York

to Jonathan Sayward Deceased 20 0 0
Fifteen acres of land bought that formerly was granted 

to Dedivah Hull 30 0 0
One feather bed bedding & furniture 14 0 0
Three Do. with furniture 20 0 0
One Dozen old chairs 1 4 0
Pewter 36s/ three old polls 30s/ two trammels 10s/ 3 16 0
One Oval Table 25s/ a Trunck 10s 1 15 0
One Chest of Glassware 10s/ frying pan 11s/ 1 1 0
Three small guns 5 0 0
Oxens Tacklin 45s/ old iron 10s/ 2 15 0
Three Oxen 15 0 0
2 calves ₤7:00:00/ to 8 cows at 65s ₤26 33 0 0
2 young heifers ₤5/ to 4 at 2 years ₤6 11 0 0
36 sheep ₤14:04/ To 5 Swine young and old ₤2 16 4 0
For his part of ye mill at Scituate  20 0 0
Some old ironwork of a mill 3 0 0
By money John Saywards hands 20 0 0
By money Nathll Donnells hands  4 0 0
1175 15 0
per us, Abram. Preble, Samuel Came, Jeremiah Moulton, Junr.

York, October 3, 1721

Original Manuscript of 1721 inventory

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John Bean probate, 1740

Born July 18, 1700, John Bean was the fourth child of Lewis Jr. and Mary Bean.  When his father's estate was divided in 1721, his part of the estate included the family homestead.  John would die May 17, 1740.

Probate Inventory of John Bean
York County, Maine Probate Records Volume V folio 215

Persuant to a warrant to us Directed from ye Honorable John Wheelwright Esq.
Judge of ye Probate We the Subscribers have made a perfect Inventory &
Apprisement of all & Singular that was shown us ye Goods Chattles Rights
& Credits of Mr. John Bane late of York in yt sd County of York Deceased
and is as follows

            s     p
To the Homestead of both sides of the sd Way containing about

fifty acres of Land, with ye Dwelling House & Barn 720 0 0
To 6 Shares of the Common Lands in York 7 10 0
To one Horse  ₤10 - Three Cows  ₤30 - 2 Heiffers  ₤11  51 0 0
To 1 Calf 50s  fourteen Sheep  ₤16 18 10 0
To wearing apparrell & Books 19 13 6
To the best Bed bedstead Furniture & c 19 11 0
To two other Beds bedstead Furniture & c 22 12 0
To 33 Iron Chains & Clevis 3 16 0
To 1 pr of old Hand Irons 35s a fire Shovel & tongs 17s 2 12 0
To 1 Iron Trammel 13s  1 pr. Pott Hooks 3s 0 16 0
To 1 Small Iron Kittle 10s  1 Iron Pot 20s  1 Old Do. 5s 1 15 0
To 1 Warming Pan 22s  1 Frying Pan 12s 1 old Fork 1s 1 15 6
To 1 Narrow old Ax 8s  1 old Hoe 1/6 1 Box Iron & 2 Heaters 30s 1 19 6
To six black Chains 30s  I case of 11 bottles 40s 3 10 0
To 1 old Table 6s  a pr. Shares 4s  1 wooden salt morter  4/6 0 14 6
To 1 old Candlestick 1/6  a Small Punch Bole 2/6 0 4 0
To 1 Drinking Glass 2s  2 small Craices & other small Glasses 6s 0 8 0
To 5 old knives & 3 forks 4s  4 Earthen Pans 6s 0 10 0
To 2 Earthen Pots 3s  1 wooden Piggen 2/6 0 5 6
To 9 wooden Plates 2/3  2 wooden Dishes 3/  0 5 3
To 1 wooden Platter & a wooden Spoon  1/9 0 1 9
To 8 old Pewter Spoons 5/6  a small Basket 1/6 0 7 0
To 4 Glass Bottles 4s  a Pewter Dial  1s 0 5 0
To 1 Old Spinning Wheel & Iron Spindle &c. 10s  1 old Churn  3s 0 13 0
To 1 Linin Wheel 20s  1 old sive 1/6 1 1 6
To 2 old Hogsheads 10s   2 Powder Horns  2s 0 12 0
To 1 small Box  1/6  1 Dozn.  Pewter Plates 40s 2 1 6
To 6 old Plates 10s  1 Pewter Bason 10s  7 Pewter Platters ₤4:12 5 12 0
893 19 6
York January 14th 1740               

John Sayward, Saml. Simpson, John Bradbury

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Jeremiah Bean probate, 1757

Jeremiah Bean was born about 1737, the only surviving son born to John and Mary Bean. His mother died about 1745, leaving Jeremiah and his sisters as orphans.After Jeremiah's death, his property was purchased at auction by his uncle Jonathan Bean  (the brother of his father, John).

Probate Inventory of Jeremiah Bean
York County, Maine, Probate Records Volume IX folio 208-9

A true & perfect Inventory of all & Singular the Goods Chattels Rights &
Credits of Jeremiah Bane late of York Deceased taken & apprized 

by us the Subscribers by Virtue of a Warrant from ye Judge of Probate

in the County of York as was Shown unto us by Mr. James Hubbard one of 
the administrators on sd Estate on ye 17th Day of March Anno Domini 1757
as follows vizt.

To his Right in his Fathers Homestead joining to ye Country 

Road at ye lower End containing 7 Acres & 60 poles in ye whole @

₤6:8 per Acre 47 4 0
To his Right or Share in Six Shares in ye Comons in sd. Town 

which is one quarter part of his Fathers Share in No. 7 in ye

first division and one quarter part of sd. Share in No. 5 in ye

Second Division in ye Stated Comons so calld and also one

quarter part of his Fathers Share in No. 5 in ye 3 Range of ye 

Outer Commons all 3 12 0
To an old Barn Standing on ye homestead valued at 4 8 9
Total  55 4 9

Apprized pr. Us Joseph Kingsbury, John Frost

An additional Inventory of the Estate of Jeremiah Bane lately of 

York Decd taken by order of ye Court of Probate as was Shown

to us by Mr. James Hubbard one of Administrators of Sd Estate

To Joyners Tools in ye Hands of Simon Emery vald. At           
13 4
To his Wearing Apparel left at sd Emerys 4 2 8
To a promisory Note of ₤7:10 lawful money 7 10 0
12 6 0
Apprised per us Joseph Kingsbury, John Frost, May 26, 1757

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Account of Abel Moulton, guardian for Jeremiah Bean

York County, Maine, Probate Records Volume IX folio 253-4

The Account of Abel Moulton as Guardian for Jera. Bane

(a Minor & Son of John Bane late of York Decd.) of Charges and 

disbursements for him Vizt.

To Expenses 22 12 4
Balance due to Abel Moulton 3 10 0

By the Income of his Share in his Decd. Fathers Place for 7 Years 9 6 8
By an old House 3 4 0
By the Income of his Share in ye Place above for 8 years 3 6 8
By Mr. Bradbury 0 8 0
By 625 Bricks 10s   By a Further allowance of 20/4 1 10 4
By a further Allowance on Acct. of a Receipt on Record 1 6 8
19 2 4

At a Court of Probate at York Oct. 18. 1757 Abel Moulton above named made Oath to the
truth of the above Acct. Ordered that he be allowed three pounds, ten shillings out of the Said Estate in full Discharge there of.                        Jere. Moulton   Judge

Account of James Hubbard, one of the administrators of the estate of  Jeremiah Bean
York County, Maine, Probate Records Volume IX folio 259

York Febry 13, 1758. James Hubbard one of ye Adminstr to the

Estateof Jeremiah Bane late of York in Said County Deceased

Intestate hereby renders an Acct of what they have recd of Said

Estate besides what was before accoutned for Vizt.

Recd for ye Real Estate Sold by Order of Court                       47 4 0
Recd on Acct of his Wages 8 10 4
The amount of the Est. Inventory is 12 6

68 0 4

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Lewis Bean Jr. inventory, 1721.

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