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The following are court proceedings and official documents relating to the Bean family.                                                                                           

Court records relating to Charles Brissom

Town of York grant to Lewis Bane, 1671
Land laid out to Mrs. Brissome, 1685
Petition to sell Jeremiah Bean estate, 1757
Bean executors to Jonathan Bean, 1757

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Court Records associated with Charles Brissom (Bissum, Brissum, Brissume, etc.) and the Bean family from Robert E. Moody, ed., Province and Court Records of Maine (Portland: Maine Historical Society, 1947), Volume III

Volume III, p. 222-23

Court of Sessions, York, December 30, 1685

John Wentworth is Plantiff in an Action of Case for Damage done by a parcel of Turkys belonging to Charles Bissum Defendant

The Court finds for the Plaintiff for Damage done by Defendants Turkys three bushels of Indean Corne, and Costs of Court, 01:06:10d

The Defendant appeales from this sentence unto the next Court of Sessions houlden at Kittery for this province in March next.

We Charles Bissum and John Parsons own ourselves bound In a bond of five pounds unto the Treasurer of this province, that sd Bissum shall prosceute his appeale to aeffecy at the next Court of Sessions as abovesd as law requireth.

            Defendents Costs 13:6

Volume III, p. 225

Court of Sessions, February 3, 1685-6  

Charles Bissum at the same tyme was Convicted before the same authority for strikeing & abuseing of his wife, which was owned by his own Confession, & for his frequent & inordinate drinking & being drunke as is too well known to authority them selves, for whose delinquency is fine five pounds to the Countrey, & being found in the like transgressions for the future is forthwith to receive 10 stripes on the bare skine by order of such authority as have Cogniscence thereof.


Volume III, p. 243

Court of Common Please, October 12, 1686

Whereas Charles Brissum of Yorke during the setting of this Court, being disgusted in drink and legally convicted, he was fined five shillings and Court Fees.

Volume III, p. 278

Court of Quarter Sessions, December 12, 1688

Charles Brissum appearing at this Court to Answer for breach of his Majesty Peace on Joseph Carlile, Acquitted by Proclamation, paying Court Fees.

Volume III, p. 302

Court of Common Please February 25, 1691

Capt. Francis Hooke and Mr. Samuel Wheelwright are Chosen and Impowred a Committee to setle the Estate of Lewes Beane (alte of yorke Deceased) amongst his Children.

Volume III, p. 302

Court of Pleas, October 7, 1691

Charles Brissum Complaines against Jos Carline

            It is ordered that the Constable shall deliver unto Elizabeth Carline one Coate, and Manty Coate, one gold ring, two silke Hoods, one silver bodkin, which was formerly her Mothers and the rest of the goods into the hands of Charles Brissume (Charles Brissum to pay cost of Court 12d)


Volume III, p. 310

Court of Please at Wells, 5. Mar. 1689-90

On petition of Lewis Beane, he and Charles Brissoone are ordered to bear equal charges in fencing or any other charge, and crop as co-partners, 5 Mar. 1689-90.

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Town of York grant of land to Lewis Bane, 1671
Town Records, Town Hall, York, Maine
Volume 1, page 45

We whose names are Subscribed, being the Selectmen of and for the Town of York have given & granted unto Mr. Lues Bane of the sd. Town a certain Tract or Parcell of Land, containing the Quantity of thirty of fourty Acres of Swamp and upland; twenty Acres thereof, more or less adjoining unto & running back Into ye woods behind the Land he now possesseth, and the Remainder to be made up in some convenient place as may be within ye Town Shipp, where heretofore, it had not Legally been granted unto any other, which Land or Swamp is to be Laid out at the request of the said Bane by the Townsmen of their appointment, according to order. Witness our hands: 25: May 1671

Edward Rushworth
Edward Johnson
John Davis
John Alcock

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Land laid out to Mrs. Brissome by the Town of York, 1685
Town Records, Town Hall, York, Maine
Volume 1, page 86

Wee the Selectmen of the Town of York have Laid out to Mrs. Brissome formerly granted to Mr. Lewis Bane, her first husband, an addition to his former Lott forty Acres according to Grant bearing date 1671 : which Land from their former Lott adjoining to John Winforths, runs North & by East Seaventy Seaven Pole to a Pine marked four square; & from thence West & by North fifty four rod or Pearch to a Small Maple marked four square: & from thence South & by West to the head of the former Lott : Laid out by us for forty Acres /   2: June 1685

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Petition of  the administrators of Jeremiah Bane's estate to auction his real estate, 1757
York County, Maine, York Deeds Volume 33, folio 104

At his Majesty’s Superiour Court of Judicature held at York for the County of York on the third Tuesday of June A.D. 1757

Upon the Petition of James Hubbard & Zachariah Emery Junr. Adminrs. of the Estate of Jeremiah Bane late of York Decd. Ordered that the Said Administers be and hereby they are Impowred to Make Sale of the Whole of Said Decds. Real Estate for the Payment of his Just Debts the sd. Adminstrs. to Post up Notification thirty days Before the Sale thereof and to Account for the Proceeds with the Judge of Probate for the said County as the Law Directs.

Attst. Sam. Winthrop Clerk
a true Copy of the Original Recd. Augt. 9, 1759. Attst. Daniel Moulton, Registr.

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Jeremiah Bane administrators to Jonathan Bane, 1757
County, Maine,  Deeds, York Deeds
Volume 33, folio 105

To All People to whom these Presents Shall Come James Hubbard of Wells in the County of York Joiner and Zachariah Emery Junr. of Kittery in Said County of York Husbandman Administrators of the Estate Estate of Jeremiah Bane late of York Decd. Sendeth Greeting. Whereas the said James and Zachariah Adminstrs. as aforesaid Obtained a License for the Justice of the Majesty’s Superior Court of Judicature held at York for the County of York aforesaid on the Third Tuesday of June Last to make Sale of the whole of the said Decds. Real estate for the Payment of his Just Debts the said Adminstrs. to post up Notifications thirty days Before the Sale thereof & as by the Record of the Said Court Preference thereto being had may appear And Whereas the said James and Zacharias Adminrs. aforesaid have Posted up Notifications as above and Duly Attended the Directions of the Law in Every Respect  Know Ye therefore that the said James and Zachariah Adminrs. as above for the Consideration of Forty Seven Pounds & four Shillings Lawful Money to them Paid by Jonathan Bane Resident at the Blockhouse on Saco River within the Said County of York Esqr. to and for the use and Purose aforesd. The Rect. Thereof they hereby Acknowledge have and by these presents DO freely and absolutely Grant Sell Enfeoffe & Confirm unto the said Jonathan Bane he being the Highest Bidder and to his heirs and assigns forever All the Said Decds. Real Estate Called the third Lott in the Division of his Father John Bane Decds. Estate Beginning at the East Corner of the Second Lott, so Called in Said Division which was assigned to the Said Decds. Sister Huldah now belonging to the Said Jonathan Bane and Runs by the Highway East Nine Rods to an apple tree with the Letters S&E thence North by Wast Eight Rods to an heap of Stones at the North Side of where the house stood then west fourteen feet to a Stake then North two Degrees East about one hundred and thirty two Rods to the Foot of the First Lott So Called then West two Degrees West Nine Rods to the Second Lott aforesaid and Down by the Same to the first Station Being about Seven acres and Sixty Rods, with the Barn thereon all of which was Set to the Said Jeremiah Decd. in the Division aforesaid To Have And To Hold the Said Granted and Bargained Premises with the Priviledges and appurtnces to the Said Jonathan Bean his heirs and assigns to his and their use as a good Estate in Fee Simple free of all Incumbrances and the Said James Hubbard and Zachariah Emery Adminstrs. Aforesd. Do hereby Covenant to and with the Said Jonathan Bane his heirs and assigns that they are Lawfully Seized of the Premise in their Said Capacity have Good Right to Dispose of the Same as aforesaid and Will warrant the Same to the Said Jonathan Bane his heirs and assigns against themselves and all persons Claiming from by or Under them or any other heirs of the Said Jeremiah or his Father John Bane Decd. In Witness Whereof the Said James Hubbard & Zachariah Emery in the Capacity aforesd. have hereunto Set their hands and Seals the 9th Day of August Anno Domini 1757.

James Hubbard (seal)
Zachariah Emery Junr (seal)  

In presence of us  Dixey Stone, Daniel Moulton  

Subscribers to the Above Instrument Personally Appearing Acknewld. the Same as their Act and Deed before  Daniel Moulton, Jus. Peace

A true Copy of the Orignl. Recd. Augt. 9th 1757.  Danl. Moulton Regstr.

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