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A significant portion of the artifacts recovered from the site are building materials and hardware. Here is a sample of these finds.
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  cox head hinge

This fancy door hinge is called a cox head hinge, for its resemblance to a rooster's head.. This hardware would have been imported from England. Parts of other cox head hinges have been found on site.

                         Chadbourne brick with "64"

This brick bat was recovered from the chimney collapse in the cerllar under the parlor in Structure 1.


 Door lock

Door lock. found in the vicinity of the front door of the house.
        Lock detail

Detail of decoration of door lock.

Front door key.
                 Door Pull

Door pull.
      door pull

Door pull.
                     window glass and window leads

Window glass and window leads.
       window lead

Window lead with the date "1664" stamped into it. This is one of two leads of the same date found in Structure 1.  Along with the brick with "64" cut into it, these artifacts indicate the house was built in 1664.
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