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Archaeological Evidence of Early Maine Buildings

Clarke & Lake Company Site, Arrowsic, Maine

From 1970 to 1983 Bates College students under the direction of Professor James Leamon carried our archaeological excavations at the Clarke & Lake Company headquarters on Arrowsic Island, Maine (1654-1676). Most of the work focused on Structure 6, a longhouse with a substantial stone foundation.

Plan of Excavation of Clarke & Lake Site Structure 6

Plan of Conjectural Reconstruction of Floor Plan of Structure 6
More Information on the Excavation of the Clarke & Lake Site
Plan of Excavation of Structrure 6, Clarke & lake Site, Arrowsic
Plan of Structure 6 at Arrowsic. From Emerson W. Baker, The Clarke & Lake Company: The Historical Archaeology of A Seventeenth-Century Maine Settlement (Augusta, Maine: Maine Historic Preservation Commission, 1985), 52. This longhouse form of building, measuring 20' x 65' was constructed by Thomas Clarke & Thomas Lake, two wealthy Boston merchants, about 1654.
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Conjectural Reconstruction of Structure 6 at Arrowsic goes here.
Structure 6 appears to be a longhouse with features typical of those built in the West Country of England. It has a hall and parlor seperated by a cross passage. The parlor features a massive hearth that is one sided (that is, for the hall only). The parlor gets its heat from a second hearth and chimney located in its northeastern corner. Running along the entire west side of the building is a narrow lean-to, with fieldstone flooring. This may have served as a dairy. The parlor has a full stone cellar while the hall sites on a stone footing.
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