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These maps, all produced for the British government in London, provide some limited information on early Maine buildings.

Scott map Spruce Creek detail

Detail of a map of the Piscataqua River, Portsmouth N.H. on the left,
Kittery, Maine on the right, ca. 1665. Tracing of "Piscataway River
in New England," (by "I.S." - John Scott)  Baxter Rare Maps Collection,
Maine State Archives.

Pepperell garrison

Houses at Kittery, Point, Maine are seen in this detail from Colonel Wolfgang Romer's "Prospect of Fort William and Mary, Maine State Library, Baxter Rare Map Collection. The home of William Pepperell I (father of Sir William) is just below the "N" which is labelled in the key as "Justice Pepperell's Garrison House.

Plan of George Turfey's House, 1699
Plan of  George Turfey's house (above) and a view showing Turfey's
house in the center,
to the left of the fort's flag (below) details from a tracing of
Colonel Wolfgang Romer, "The Prospect of Saco Fort, 1699," Baxter Rare Maps Collection, Maine State Archives.
Prospect of Saco Fort, 1699 detail