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Archaeological Evidence of Early Maine Buildings

Shepard Homestead, Kittery, Maine

In April and May 2002 extensive archaeological monitoring and salvage excavation was carried out on part of the John Shepard Archaeology Site in Kittery, prior to development of the site.  For six weeks volunteers, under the direction of Emerson Baker, worked to excavate the cellar hole and foundation of the Shepard Farm (ca. 1669-1770).

Isometic reconstruction of the Phips House

Plan of Excavation of the Phips House
More Information on the Excavation of the Phips Site
John Shepard site
John Shepard's homestead (left) and Paul William's house (right). Detail from William Godsoe, "Draught of a parcell of land lying in Spruce Creek, Kittery, April 4, 1689."  Kittery Town Records, Volume 1, page 198.
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Shepard site under excavation

View of excavations showing the location of rooms, hearth, and front door. The excavated plan conforms perfectly to the house depicted in the 1689 Godsoe map.

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Shepard House initial  front elevation and plan Shepard House plan with addition
First phase of construction ca. 1669-71 Second phase, with parlor added, by 1689
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