Massachusetts Archives  index, references to early Berwick and South Berwick


The following are taken from indexes at the Massachusetts Archives, at Columbia Point in Dorchester. The complete documents are available there on microfilm.

Volume 37 page 39a - according to John Plaisted's narrative, 20 Indians descended upon the mills at Newichawannock, attacking three men and only William Spencer escaping. June 10 (1691)

Volume 37 page 38 - intelligence that 20 Indians had attacked Newichawannock June 12, 1691

Volume 37 page 43a - the Holmes Garrision was broken up in face of Indian terror, according to Richard Martin and William Vaughan June 17, 1691

Volume 37  page  54 - letter of Francis Hooke tells how both fat and lean cattle were destroyed at Newichawannock due to Indian attacks. The enemy had taken Holmes garrison and were keeping possession thereof.

Volume 37  page   55  letter of William Vaughan, June 19, 1691

Volume 37  page  57a  letter of Vaughan,  June 23, 1691

Volume 37  page  113a-114   25 Indians near William Spencer's garrison, two colonists shot, one lived. Aug 13, 1691

Volume 37  page  145  Letter of Robert Pike? six persons slain at Newichawannock Sept. 29, 1691

Volume 37  page  145b  Letter of Vaughan, 4 men and one woman slain within sight of the upper garrisons there. Sept. 30, 1691

Volume 8  page  37  Hezikiah Niles captured at Berwick? his depo. May 31, 1695

Volume 70  page  482  Petition of Benjamin Nason, seeking compensation for his daughter's ransom. Sept. 21, 1700.

Volume 7  page  222  Sloop Eagle of Boston built at Berwick, Benjamin Jeffry Master, found in register of vessels, May 20, 1703

Volume 71  page  89  Justice Prebble impressed Luies Ban (Lewis Bane) to carry letters from York to Newichawannock Nov. 8, 1704.

Volume 31  page  89  Expense account for entertaining Indians at Newichawannock includied in Josiah Parker's account

Volume 71  page   873, 874, 877 - number of families, inhabitants, and soldiers there, in a list Dec. 6, 1711


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