“Letter from Portsmouth Received  June 11, 1691”

From the Massachusetts Archives. Transcribed in James P. Baxter, ed., The Documentary History of the State of Maine, Volume V, p. 243.

Portsmouth June 10th at one in the morning.


To the Honerable the Governor and Councill present In Boston Hast post hast

Much Honored

About an houre agoe Mr JohnPlaisted came down from Newichawanick, & informs us that there were three men at or near the great works there: one in the Mill, and two at the logs a little distance from the Mill, one of which was Wil­liam Spencer, who told the said Plaisted that he saw about twenty Indians who fired upon them, upon which the said Spen­cer ran away into the bushes & soe escaped the Enemy, but knows not wheither the other men are kild or taken: said Plaisted tells us he saw ten Indians himself: the whole River is alarmed, what the Issue will be God only knows, we pray your Honors to consider in what a weak condittion our two provinces are, & send us some help speedily: the Lord direct you & us what to doe in this evill time we remain

                                                                                       Honored Sirs Your humble servants

                                                                                    William Vaughan

                                                                                    Richard Martyn

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