Chadbourne Archaeology Site Artifacts

Over 40,000 artifacts have been recovered from the site during twelve seasons of excavations. These and other finds are on display at the Old Berwick Historical Society's Counting House Museum.

Tin Enameled Ceramics
Architectural Hardware
Metal Artifacts (photos taken before conservation)
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Double-click on an object to see an enlarged photo. Photos taken prior to conservation.

An elaborately decorated door hinge, known as a cockshead hinge, from its shape, which is suggestive of four cocks' heads, complete with beak, comb, and jutting chest.
Door hardware. The pintle and hinge are from the door to the first bulkhead. The door lock and pull are most likely from the front door. They were found in the bulkhead.
Two date three pair of iron scissors have been found, and several buckles, including these fancy brass ones. These objects, along with buttons, and straight pins attest to the clothes making and clothes repair going on at the Chadbourne homestead.

Two iron bales (or handles). The smaller one is probably from a copper pot, while the larger one is from a copper kettle.

This window lead is marked with the date "1664." Found in the parlor cellar, not far from a brick bat  marked "64," They are positive indicators for the date of construction of the parlor, which is included in Humphrey Chadbourne's 1667 probate inventory.

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