The Humphrey Chadbourne Archaeology Site
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A Here are the first photos from the 1999 season,
courtesy of field assistant and photographer Dick Lunt .

Sunrise on the Great Works River.

A discussion on the strategy for excavating the collapsed chimney in the parlor, fondly dubbed "the brick yard."

  A closeup of the parlor chimney, which collapsed into the cellar. The subsoil in the right background marks the outside edge of the cellar. 

  The crew works on the right end of the lean-to, which served as the kitchen. The work focused around the back door of the lean-to, where the finds included a French cooking pot. A small horseshoe found near the door sill probably was nailed above the sill to bring good luck and ward off evil spirits. 

Another hectic day at the dig. 

  Jason in his pit, including the front wall of the cellar. 

  More work in the lean-to. 

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