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One of the most imporant aspects of the Chadbourne project is that is provides students, teachers, Chadbournes, local historians, and just about everyone a chance to learn about the past. In keeping with that spirit, below are links to documents on the history of the site, and the South Berwick region in the seventeenth-century.

Cotton Mather on the Salmon Falls Raid (from Magnalia Christi Americana)
Humphrey Chadbourne's 1667 probate inventory
Humphrey & Lucy Chadbourne's wills
Descriptions of the Salmon Falls Raid of 1690
Letter to the General Court, June 11, 1691 about Indian raids
Index to relevant items in the Massachusetts Archives
Were the Chadbourne's Quakers?
Lithobolia: The Stone Throwing Devil of Portsmouth & Berwick
Increase Mather, "Illustrious Providences" (another account of Lithobolia)
Nicholas Shapleigh buys Coffe the Slave

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