William Godsoe Survey Maps pt. 2
William Godsoe was the first surveyor of Kittery, Maine. His earliest surviving map was drawn in 1689, and his last map dates to 1725.  He was called upon to draw maps that were used to show town grants, or to be used in land disputes. Many of these maps includes the houses and outbuildings that were on the property surveyed, and give us a rare view of early Maine buildings, as the following details from maps indicate.  For details from more Godsoe maps, click here.

 Cold Harbor  

Houses in Eliot, Maine. William Godsoe, detail of untitled map of Cold Harbor,  ca. 1715, The Maine State Archives.

 Christian Remick and Samuel Spinney  
Christian Remick house (left)  Thomas Withers house (right) in Kittery, Maine. William Godsoe, detail from "Mr. Thomas Spinney...his old Lot in Great Cove, December 18, 1697," The Maine State Archives.

Hooke Farm
Detail from William Godsoe, "Late Major Hooke houselot lying neere Kittery Point, August 29, 1715." Kittery Town Records, Volume 2, page 32. 

  Wilson farmstead
William Godsoe, detail of "Sargent Joseph Wilson's... Home Lot, May 15, 1703."  Kittery Town Records, Volume 1, page 178. 

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