History 377/ History 791
Architectural History of America: An Introduction
Professor Emerson Woods Baker II

Documentary Assignment - Government Maps
Here are some details from two government sponsored  maps that include buildings.
 I.S, map detail  
Detail of a map of the Piscataqua River, Portsmouth N.H. on the left,
Kittery, Maine on the right, ca. 1665. Tracing of "Piscataway River
in New England," (by I.S.)  Baxter Rare Maps Collection,
Maine State Archives.
Plan of  George Turfey's house (above) and a view showing Turfey's
house in the center,
to the left of the fort's flag (below) details from
Colonel Wolfgang Romer, The Prospect of Saco Fort, 1699,
Public Record Office, Kew, England.

Prospect of Saco Fort

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