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History 376/ History 789
Introduction to Archaeology/Historical Archaeology
Professor Emerson Woods Baker II

Additional information for the Documentary Assignment 
Below is one document additional document, as well as three images which might prove useful in your
work on the Bean Site.
 Lewis Bean Sr.'s estate was inventoried a second time in 1695, when his son Lewis jr. was appointed administrator of the estate. Most of Bean's possessions had been divided before this, so the inventory only lists three items:  
          Dwelling house         20  -  00  -  00
          45 acres of upland      1  -  10  -  00
          a gold ring                   0  -  10  -  00
          total                           22  -  00  -  00

          taken July 4, 1695


Lewis Bean Jr. inventory, 1721.
 Lewis Bean, Jr. Probate Inventory, October 2, 1721, York County, Maine Probate Vol. III, page 190.

The Bean Site, September 1999 

Fenced in area in foreground 
is the site of Structure 1 

Building in background is the new Shop N Save, under 

Route 1 is in foreground

The Abel Moulton house today 

The front facade probably was constructed in the 1780s or 1790s. The one story ell probably dates to the early eighteenth century 
The barn, to right, dates to the nineteenth century.

Abel Moulton house, showing ell (to right). 

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