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Here are just a few of the artifacts excavated at the Hitchcock site.All the the artifacts shown belowe were recovered from the fill of Cellar #1, and appear to have been in use when the house burned in 1690. The artifacts are owned by the Saco Museum, in Saco, Maine, and are published here with the museum's permission.
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China scholar plate in blue and white (10 inches in diameter)
This English delft plate is heavily burned, but you can still see that it is decorated in the Chinese Scholar pattern, an early expression of chinoiserie which was first made in the 1680s. The lobed plate measures 10 inches in diameter.
Lobed Delft
This larger lobed English delft plate is also in an early Chinosierie style, in the same spirit as the Chinese Scholar pattern.
White delft
This undecorated white delft plate stands in marked contrast to the Chinoserie above, yet all were found in the fill of Cellar #1, and presumably all were in use at the time the Hitchcock home burned in 1690. The burned plate measures 9" in diameter.
Iberian Oil Jar
This complete burned Iberian oil jar is shown in situ, in the corner of Cellar #1. The burned remains of its wicker surround can be seen to the right of the jar. Note the cork is still intact. It is a tiny jar, measuring approximately 8" in diameter and 14" in height.
Hitchcock site redware cup
This redware cup was burned in the Hitchcock house fire. It is a small cup, measuring 4.5" in height and 2.75" in diameter.
Ointment Pot
This undecorated white glazed tin-enameled ointment pot displays some discoloration from burning. It is most likely English delft. It is two inches in height and its base is two inches in diameter.
Combed yellow cup

This combed yellow slipware cup is severely burned, to the point that the combed decoration completely gone. Traces of it can be seen in the body of the ceramic.