Summer Photographs by Emerson Baker

In celebration of summer, here are some of my favorite photos taken in my travels last summer.

Monadnock from Perkins Pond
Mt. Monadnock from Perkins Pond, June 8, 2005

Pemaquid Harbor July 29, 2005
Pemaquid Harbor, from Fort William Henry.  Pemaquid, Maine  is a vey special place to me.     Picture taken July 15, 2005 .

Godiah Spray House, July 7, 2005
Godiah Spray House and Garden. Picture taken at Historic St. Mary's City, Maryland,   July 7, 2005.

McIntire garrison at sunset
Sunset at McIntire Garrison, York, Maine.  Taken on the way home, after a very long day at the archaeology dig, August 15, 2005.

Williamsburg July 4, 2005
Williamsburg, July 4, 2005. There is no better place to celebrate Independence Day than in Williamsburg. Here is my attempt at a Colonial Williamsburg post card.

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