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BHS 107 Technology in HealthCare

Tuesday and Thursday, 9:25am-10:40am (sec 01)

Tuesday and Thursday, 10:50am-12:05pm (sec 02)

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Professor: Elaine F. Cidzik

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This 3 credit course exposes students to a variety of technological methods and media used in healthcare. Students develop an appreciation of the value of technology used in healthcare. Such topics as robotics, presentation approaches to consumers and professionals, electronic records, and telehealth are explored. Students learn how to evaluate technology and its potential uses in a range of contexts. Required for the BHS major and minor.

This course creates a framework for the students to understand the strengths and weaknesses of technologies and how they impact healthcare. The culminating project in this course is the identification of a technology of interest, exploration of that technology using heuristic tools presented in class and discussion of current and potential uses. Students utilize technological methods to share what they have learned with their classmates.


Here is the BHS 107 Class Syllabus. You may read it here or on Canvas, and/or print it from either location.


Attendance is required. The student is responsible for keeping abreast of all reading assignments and practice exercises, lecture material, and computer assignments whether or not in class. Technology failure is NOT an acceptable excuse for late or missed assignments. The university has several computer labs on campus to use if your personal computers fail or are stolen. If a student must miss class, the student should visit the course website for what to do when absent, and how to obtain the missed assignment(s), if applicable or allowed.


Using another student's computer files or any portion thereof as your own work is considered cheating, FOR BOTH STUDENTS. All forms of dishonesty will be dealt with according to the University's Academic Integrity Policy which can be found on Canvas.