Salem State College

Computer Science Department

Professor Edward Winter

Updated: May 04, 2009

Office: MH 207A


Welcome to my web site. Please find contained information that I hope will make your transition into my course easier and hassle free.


1.     You should immediately e-mail me ( your Salem State e-mail address and telephone # prior to our first class meeting. ---You should refer to this website where any information pertaining to on-line courses will be found.) You should all register to get a WEBCT account and activate your Salem State e-mail account at



2.     You should get your books for the course ASAP since the book store does not always have enough in stock to meet demand initially.


The text being used:


Refer to the Instructor folder on the main page of WEBCT which contains the books, software and ISBN numbers that you will need in order to prepare for this course.



3.     The syllabus will be found on WEBCT in the course section for which you are registered on May 4th even thought the course does not begin until May 18th.

4.     If you need to speak to me call me at 617-899-1738 but most important

Contact me thru my e-mail address listed above.


Course being offered this semester - Summer 2009

For on- line students only.

During this semester we will be using WEBCT and not Blackboard which has been discontinued. Also, you must activate your Salem State e-mail accounts which were assigned to you at registration. This is the only e-mail account that will be used for the on-line courses at Salem State.


DGCE Offerings:


ITC100 01 Computer and Uses On- line

Place I will send thru your Salem State e-mail account, the first weeks assignment along with a copy of the syllabus on May 4th. Make sure your account in WEBCT has been activated otherwise you will not get the e-mail.


DGCE - Summer 1


ITC 100 01 Computer & Uses - On-line



Summer 2

ITC100 21 Computer and Uses - On-Line


Summer 2 Institute


ITC 100 91 Computer & Uses

MH206 Monday - Friday July 6th July 17th

Time 8:30A.M. 12:30P.M.



I look forward to meeting with you and working with you throughout the semester. Professor E. Winter