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Dr. Fátima Serra

Oviedo, Summer/Semester in Spain
Heredia, Summer in Costa Rica

Stop by the Center for International Education:
South Campus, 8 Harrison Road. 978-542-6351 - get map
during the Study Abroad Advisor office hours, or contact Dr. Serra

Contact information

Professor of Spanish
Salem State University
352 Lafayette Street
978.542.6804 -

Study Abroad Advisor
Center for International Education
978.542.6351 -

    Professional Interests

    Contemporary Prose Fiction of Spain and Latin America
    Women writers
    Film studies
    Study Abroad experiences
    Service Learning


    Promote foreign languages
    Curriculum development
    Teach courses at the undergraduate and graduate levels
    Publicizing programs abroad
    Advising and guiding students through the study abroad process
    Coordinate and accompany students for summer abroad programs
    Coordinate cooperation between the Clarke Elementary School's (Swampscott) Spanish Enrichment Program and the World Languages and Cultures Department

    Sample courses taught

    SPN202 Intermediate Spanish II
    SPN351 Advanced Conversational Spanish
    SPN405 The Spanish Speaking World Through Film
    SPN480N Seminar on the Literature of the Spanish Speaking World
    SPN710 Seminar in the Cultures of Spain
    SPN900 MAT Monograph with Thesis

    2011 Oviedo Summer Program Participants

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