IDS 160 - Approaches to Peace and Conflict Resolution

Causes of Interpersonal Conflict
Competence in Resolving Interpersonal Conflict
Perspectives on Anger
Thich Nhat Hanh on Embracing Anger
Goals for Mediators
Skills of Mediators
Critique of Mediator
Conflict Observation Sheet
Conflict Problem Characteristics

Causes of International Conflict
Resolving International Conflict with various Approaches to Peace
Human Family Tree and a universal understanding of human beings
Meeting Basic Human Needs
Examples of Moral Progress in History
Women as Peacemakers
Terminology for Peace Studies
Peace Quotes
More Peace Quotes (Mike Miles)

Homework Assignments, Essay Tests, and Oral Report
Homework Questions on Competence in Interpersonal Conflict
Homework Questions on Eight Essential Steps to Conflict Resolution
Homework Questions on Getting to Yes
Homework Questions on The Third Side: Why We Fight and How We Can Stop
Homework Questions on Beyond War
Essay Test and Oral Report
Essay Test Questions on Eight Essential Steps
Essay Test Questions on Getting to Yes
Essay Test Questions on The Third Side
Requirements for Oral Report on a Peacemaker

Supplemental Materials
Film List
How to Write a Film Review
How to Write an Essay
Essay on Peacemaking in History
History of Peacemaking

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