John Green
Salem State College

Professional Activities


Review of Affect in Language Learning (ed. Jane Arnold). English for Specific Purposes21 (2002), 201-206.

"Celebrating Psychological Diversity in a New Graduate Course." MATSOL Currents, 26(1) (Winter 1999-2000 issue), 1; 4-5.

"Helping ESL Writers Grow." Crosscurrents (journal of Writing Across the Curriculum program at Salem State College), issue No. 3 (January 1998), 10-12. Complete text of this article.

"Language Learning Histories:  Learners and Teachers Helping Each Other Understand Learning Styles and Strategies" (with Rebecca L. Oxford). TESOL Journal, 6(1) (Autumn 1996), 20-23.  (On the same topic, see also my own language learning history on this web site.)

"A Closer Look at Learning Strategies, L2 Proficiency, and Gender" (with Rebecca Oxford).  TESOL Quarterly, 29(2) (Summer 1995), 261-297.

"Making Sense of Learning Strategy Assessment: Toward A Higher Standard of Research Accuracy" (response article, with Rebecca L. Oxford). TESOL Quarterly, 29(1) (Spring 1995), 166-171.

"Student Attitudes Toward Communicative and Non-Communicative Activities: Do Enjoyment and Effectiveness Go Together?"  Modern Language Journal, 77(1) (Spring 1993), 1-10.

"Secret Friend Journals" (with Colette Green).  TESOL Journal, 2(3) (Spring 1993), 20-23.

"An Understanding of Counseling-Learning."  Abridged version published in Professional Papers of Puerto Rico TESOL, Vol. 1 (1987).  Full text available by e-mail from the archives of the on-line ESL discussion group TESL-L.

"Learning Modes and Language Teaching Methods: The Search for the Right Mix," NABE News, 10 (Fall 1986).

"Helping Students Sort Out Phrasal Verbs" (with Eileen K. Blau and Joan B. Gonzalez).  In John F. Haskell, ed. (1986), Selected Articles from the TESOL Newsletter: 1966-1983, Alexandria, VA: TESOL.  First published in TESOL Newsletter, April 1983.


Member of Advisory Board for Annual Editions: Teaching English as a Second Language (Dushkin/McGraw-Hill).  First Edition published October 1997; updated editions will appear on a yearly basis.  Click here for more about the Annual Editions series, from the publisher's web site.

Reviewer (for planning of Second Edition, 1996, and Third Edition, 2001) of Barbara Fine Clouse, Working It Out: A Troubleshooting Guide for Writers  (McGraw-Hill).

Participant in pilot tests of materials for Tapestry series of innovative texts (Heinle & Heinle), 1992-93.


"Faculty Collaboration across ESL and TESL Programs."  Presentation (with colleagues from other Salem State departments) given at international TESOL convention, St. Louis, MO, March 2001.

"Writing Assessment in Higher Education."  Leader of discussion session at MATSOL (Massachusetts TESOL) fall conference on "The Stakes of Assessment," January 2001.

“Creating a TESL Course in Learner Differences.”  Upcoming presentation (with Madeline E. Ehrman) at international TESOL convention, Vancouver, B.C., Canada, March 2000.

Invited participant, "Language Learning Strategies in the Context of Learner Autonomy: A Symposium for Researchers," March 11, 1999, Teachers College, Columbia University.

"Students' Emotional and Cognitive Responses to Teachers."  Participant in colloquium presented at international TESOL convention, Seattle, Washington, March 1998.

"Fluency First in ESL: A Successful Strategy."  Panel discussion at MATSOL (Massachusetts TESOL affiliate) Winter/Spring Conference, March 1997.

"When Students Write Their Language Learning Histories."  Paper (with Colette Green and Rebecca Oxford), co-presented at international TESOL, Long Beach, CA, March-April 1995.  Audiotape available from Audio Transcripts, Ltd., Alexandria, VA 22314 (catalog item number: 3875-1021-95).

"TESL-L: An On-Line Discussion Group, Resource Center, and More."  Presentation given at MATSOL Fall Conference, Boston, November 1994.

"Learning Strategies: New Findings and Their Implications."  Paper presented at MATSOL Fall Conference, Newtonville, MA, October 1993.

"Language Learning Strategies: Patterns of Use by Gender and Proficiency."  Paper (with Rebecca Oxford), co-presented at Southeast Regional TESOL, Biloxi, MS, October 1992; presented by J. Green at Puerto Rico TESOL, November 1992; co-presented at international TESOL, Atlanta, April 1993.


Recipient of John DiTiberio Memorial Award, a research grant administered by the Myers and Briggs Foundation.  Title of grant proposal: "Using Type Concepts to Improve Composition Instruction for Second Language Writers."  Awarded April 2001.

Faculty Service Award for "outstanding achievement in supporting students with disabilities," presented by Salem State College Office for Students with Disabilities.  April 2001.

Faculty Service Award, presented annually by Salem State College Learning Center.  April 1996; April 1998.

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