Letter from the President's Desk

September, 2012

As we begin this academic year, the North Shore Chapter of Sigma Xi rounds a corner. Three full years have passed since our Chapter emerged out of three schools – Endicott College, Gordon College, and Salem State University. The Chapter has hosted three major events each year, rotating across the three campuses; hence, we just completed a full cycle, wherein each campus has hosted each event. This year, the fall lecture returns to Endicott College, where, in 2009, Dr. Jerome Baker, the Executive Director of Sigma Xi, came to Beverly to preside over the installation ceremony which brought our Chapter into being. The balance of this year’s schedule also follows that of our first year: Salem State University will host our conference in February, and Gordon College will be the site of the induction ceremony in April. In one sense, we are right back where we started: having closed the circle, we begin again. In reality, the Chapter’s path is more of a spiral: we are bigger, stronger, and more of a community than we were three years ago. We have more members, from more disciplinary areas, and the number of people attending our events is growing. We are far more connected than before, and we’ve enjoyed the fruits of those connections in many areas of our work. As we look toward this, our fourth year, I hope that each member will benefit from being part of the North Shore Chapter. Please give some thought to how you would like the Chapter to serve you – Where should we go? What should we do? How can we help? Pass your ideas along to the Chapter officers, come to the events, and build some new relationships that will enrich your life.

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Last updated Sept 27, 2012