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[FALL 2014]
[ENL 508 - FALL '14]

ENL 508, the English Internship

Legal Requirements


  • When taken for 3 credits, qualifies as a Capstone course for ALL English majors.
  • Setting up an internship is a student’s responsibility.
  • To earn 3 credits, an internship should entail 100+ hours of work in a 15-week semester. (Variations are possible.)
  • 50% of those hours MUST be tasks that call upon your skills with language and organization
  • we CAN assist you with finding a position, either on or off campus
  • you MUST file the required registration form before enrolling.
  • The registration form requires two faculty signatures.

Sounds complicated? Not to worry.  Make an appointment with Perry Glasser to learn more.


Salem State University English students have interned with:

wThe Salem Partnership  wThe Peabody-Essex Museum  wThe Arthritis Foundation  wiProspect  wThe Copyright Clearance Center  wThe Grants Office of SSU  wThe Center for the Arts  wThe Boys & Girls Clubs of Salem  wThe Salem State College Development Office wThe Offices of the Honorable Marty Meehan  wThe Massacusetts Poetry Festival wThe Marblehead Arts Festival wThe Office of the Attorney General of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts  wThe Caleb Group wThe North Shore Chamber of Commerce  wFaculty Research Assistants  wFaculty Teaching Assistants wFaculty Administrative Assistants wEditorial positions on  wSoundings East and wthe English Department’s own e-zine, Red Skies.


Student interns from Salem State University bring youth and energy to your organization, as well as skills in editing, proofreading, research, layout, collaboration, thought leadership, social networking, and copy generation for all kinds of support writing. You can’t conduct business without language.


The English Internship requires a student to log approximately 100 hours of work to earn 3 academic credits. Those hours may be flexibly apportioned during the course of a semester or summer. While a certain amount of ordinary office chores is expected, a substantial amount of an intern’s time must be engaged in preparation of in-house documents, published materials, committee work, or online content. Internships for more or less than 3 credits may be arranged.

Time Commitment

Expect to train an intern as you would any new hire. In addition, a site supervisor can expect to devote some time to coordination with Salem State University. At the internship’s completion, the site supervisor will be asked to complete a one-page assessment form. 

Questions?  Call Perry Glasser at 978-542-7032, or send an e-mail to