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The overarching goals for professional writing students are to a greater or lesser extent touched upon in all Professional Writing classes. Within specific courses, students should expect considerable latitude made possible by the creativity of their teachers.

  • Create audience-centric work. Professional writers strive to meet the needs and expectations of their audience by producing crisp, clear, accurate, informative prose for specialists or generalists.
  • Adapt voice to that of an organization. Professional writers emulate the voice of their  organizations.
  • Understand the tradition of language and literary art as practiced by the best writers of our culture.
  • Perform as a liaison between specialists and generalists.
  • Work collaboratively. Writing is a social act. While literary art is most often a solitary undertaking, in practice most writing is produced by groups. Modern professionals are skilled with the software that enables collaborative processes without dependence on time or proximity. 
  • Appreciate the relationship between content and medium. Effective presentation of content varies with audience, purpose, and medium. 
  • Use technology as source, collaborative process enabler, or publishing medium. In the Information Age, knowledge workers access, critically consider, and produce new information.
  • Develop the entrepreneurial habits that allow a writer to be part a content creator for the digital economy. Many professional writing students publish in paying venues before they graduate!