Darwin FestivalSM 2014: Links and References


These links are sources of further information. External sites listed are not necessarily endorsed by the speakers.



Web Links


Steven Hyman

Broad Institute

Grand Challenges in Global Mental Health


Animal models of Neuropsychiatric Disorders


Gregory Skomal

Massachusetts Shark Research Program


Sharks of Massachusetts


Tracking Great White Sharks

Joshua Greene

Dr. Greene’s webpage

Spontaneous giving and calculated greed


From neural ‘is’ to moral ‘ought’: what are the moral implications of neuroscientific moral psychology?


Pamela Weathers

Dr. Weather’s webpage

Dried Whole Plant Artemisia annua as an Antimalarial Therapy


Bench to batch: advances in plant cell culture for producing useful products


Erik Zettler

Dr. Zettler’s webpage

Life in the Plastisphere

Jeremy DeSilva

Dr. DeSilva’s webpage


Phenotypic Plasticity of Climbing-Related Traits in the Ankle Joint of Great Apes and Rainforest Hunter-Gatherers


Lucy's Flat Feet: The Relationship between the Ankle and Rearfoot Arching in Early Hominins


“A New Feet in Primate Research” (National Geographic article)


Paul Kirshen

Dr. Kirshen’s webpage

Integrated Watershed Management Modeling: Generic Optimization Model Applied to the Ipswich River Basin


Potential Impacts of Global Warming on Groundwater in Eastern Massachusetts


Catherine Brown



Massachusetts Department of Public Health


Animals and Your Health: Arborviruses in Massachusetts,  Rabies, Tickborne Diseases


Lisa Hall

Dr. Hall’s webpage



Robyn Hannigan

Dr. Hannigan’s webpage



Relating otolith chemistry to surface water chemistry in a coastal plain estuary



Elemental Fingerprinting of Mussel Shells to Predict Population Sources and Redistribution Potential in the Gulf of Maine


Darwin/Wallace Links


Darwin Online


The Darwin Correspondence Project


Charles Darwin Foundation


Darwin’s Plants - A Virtual Herbarium


Alfred Wallace.org


The Alfred Russel Wallace Website




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