Darwin FestivalSM 2016: Links and References


These links are sources of further information. External sites listed are not necessarily endorsed by the speakers.




Wendy Garrett

Garrett Webpage

Chan School of Public Health

Samuel Mehr

Mehr Webpage

Harvard Evolutionary Psychology Laboratory

Mehr Article:  "Miscommunication of science: music cognition research in the popular press"

NY Times article: "Music and Success"

John Stegeman

Stegeman Laboratory Webpage

Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute

Pamela Silver

Silver Webpage

Harvard: Department of Systems Biology

Mark Leckie

Leckie Webpage

U Mass Geosciences

Jayne Yack

Yack Webpage

Carleton University

Randi Rotjan

The Rotjan Lab Webpage

Phoenix Islands.org

Andrew West

West Webpage

BU Department of Astronomy

Hunter King

Harvard School of Engineering and Applied Sciences

Harvard Gazette article: "How Termites Ventilate"

W. Jeffrey Bolster

Bolster Webpage

UNH Department of History

Holly Dunsworth

Dunsworth Webpage

Dunsworth Blog