Vertebrate Biology Links

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Animal Diversity Web

Tree of Life Web Project

Encyclopedia of life

MA Audubon Society

Ipswich R. Audubon

MA Fish & Wildlife

MA St. Parks

MA Nature Conservancy

Intro to the Vertebrates

Nature of New England


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Salem State – Cat Cove

FINS: Fish Info Service Fish Index

FMNH: Sharks

Index of FW Fishes

New England Aquarium

MA Fish Finder

Common Marine Fish

Common FW Fish

Fish Anatomy


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Greg’s Herp Links

NA Herpetology

AU Museum Reptiles

AU Museum Frogs

Herps of MA

Snakes of MA

Snakes of N. America

Herping With Dylan

Reptile Database

Frogs of Indiana

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Mammals - Mammals

Smithsonian’s Mammals of NA

Smithsonian’s Mammals of the World  

American Society of Mammalogists

Mammal Society Links

Mammals of MA

Wildwood Tracking

Animal Tracks Den

ID Animal Tracks


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Bird Links to the World

National Audubon Society Bird Page

Patuxent Bird ID

Bird Families of the World

Sibley’s Guide to Birds


SORA: Searchable Ornithological Research Archive

NA Bird Sounds

Cornell’s Sound Library

Cornell Bioacoustics

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Plum Island Birding

The Birdist

Birding on the Net

Bird Watcher’s Digest

All About Birds

Cornell Bird Videos

Audubon’s Birding Basics

Amer. Birding Assoc.

The Virtual Birder

Backyard Bird Quiz

Field Biology


Wildlife Census Methods

Estimating Wildlife Populations

Deer Census Techniques

Canid Census Techniques

Avian Surveys and Monitoring

Methods for Monitoring Herps

Herp Monitoring Using Pitfall Traps



American Museum of Natural History

Smithsonian Museum

Museum of Comparative Zoology, Harvard

Field Museum of Natural History, Chicago

Academy of Natural Sciences, Philadelphia

Natural History Museum, London

Australian Museum

Instituto Butantan, Brazil