Popham Colony—A 1607 colony in Maine

The excavation at Sabino Head in Phippsburg, Maine, contains much of the remains of the Popham Colony of 1607-1608.  This makes the colony a contemporary of Jamestown, Virginia and predates the Pilgrims in Plymouth, MA by 13 years. Unfortunately, the location is strategically important and commands the mouth of the Kennebec River—the last 400 years have seen several forts and private homes erected on or adjacent to the site.


The site has been successfully excavated for the last decade by Dr. Jeff P. Brain of the Peabody Essex Institute.  I started working with Jeff in 2004 and have focused on finding the trace of the defensive ditch. Our geophysical equipment is perfect for trying to establish structures and linear features under the public paths, and the parking lot covering part of the site.  Field work is finished and the work published.

1607 map of Popham

Radar antenna at Popham

Dylan working on his notes

GPS positioning