5/31-6/15, 2006


Each day you will go into the field and spend 8-9 hours collecting geologic data.  Weather is not a consideration and no field days are cancelled.  Therefore you must be self contained when you go into the field.  What follows is a minimal list of what you should bring with you each day:


Daypack, maps, hammer, acid bottle, compass, handlens, fieldbook, protective eyewear, waterproof felt-tipped pens for marking samples, sample bags, raingear, lunch, 2 water bottles, emergency whistle, waterproof pens for writing on field maps and in fieldbooks, insect repellant. sunblock, knife, watch, small first aid kit


             NOTE: The department will provide you with a Brunton compass, GPS unit and

             acid bottle.  You must buy 2 hardback fieldbooks



You will construct  1 map and 1 stratigraphic column while in Montana and the 2nd map back at Salem State.  In order to produce a decent ’fair copy’ map and strat column while in camp you must bring the following equipment:


             Calculator, pencils, eraser, 6” ruler in tenths and cm, colored pencils (colors to

            be posted), waterproof pens in .01, .05, and 1.0, protractor, drafting triangle